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stop Congressional funding of planned parenthood


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The sick moneymaking by this sick org, by selling aborted babies' parts

must stop.


And that we are supporting them with public money must STOP NOW.


Please consider signing this petition:


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I’d like to ask you to join me by adding your name to an important petition.

This week, I was sickened to see the secretly taped video of a senior Planned Parenthood official discussing the sale of aborted baby parts. In fact, I was more than sickened. I was enraged.

There is absolutely no reason why Congress should be funding Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars, and I believe it should stop immediately.

Please add your name to my petition calling on Congress to act now.


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The person selling baby parts?


worked in Obamao's WH staff.


This is the kind of people Obamao is, and wants around him.



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