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Major Garretts question sparks liberal outrage


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The scathing questions thrown at the hated Bush buy the libtard media and everything's cool, nothing to see here.


Panties in knots CNN and liberal crybabies whining about how the Dear Leader was treated.

Sensitivity training for Major Garrett? Recall the rodeo clown with the Obama mask? How dare he.

The first African American president...you just don't do that.



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If he wasn't content, then he shouldn't have done the deal and bragged about it.


He's a coward, a pathological liar, and a racist sumbeech.


good job, Major, I wish the rest of the media who pansies around dems in office would do THEIR



How sickly it is, that the dems/media are outraged that Major asked him a hard question,


and they were happy as hell when they badgered Bush W. with questions at every chance?


It's a culture war. they are fighting to win.

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