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Can someone explain to me Israels obsession with Jonathan Pollard?

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Look he was a spy, he did damage the U.S intelligence interests according to the intelligence community...but it's not like it's somethign the U.S doesn't do themselves to other countries. So I get it, it's not like he's a monster...we're not holding Jihadi jon i get it. But the level of interest that the entire country of Israel has in him is confusing. He's a war hero to them. I wouldn't expect Israel to not try to get him back, but i would expect through back door means like i'm sure we do with our spies that were caught. But Israel has tried to make peace agreements with Palestine hingent on our govt releasing Pollard which just boggles my mind. And it's not like they don't acknowledge he was a spy, no they know it....but he's still a national hero apparently. I always thought that Pollard was someone the Israeli govt had a boner for but apparently upwards of 90% of the Israeli population consider him a national hero...if what I read is indeed true.


I guess I just need some clarity if anyone here has it. If you're a spy and you get caught, that's kind of the breaks right? And if I remember correctly some of teh F-22s most advanced systems landed in Chinese hands because of Pollard. Also something about teh soviets getting to knwo how we track their submarines and whatnot. They sold that info to the soviets in exchange for some jew spies being held in the USSR.



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I believe it's more for show - a lack of support for a spy for Israel would unnerve their



America has spies, too. And I don't think the Israeli's gave or traded that information to

Russia... russia has plenty of spies, too.


He was a nutjob, totally willing to play a very dirty, dangerous game for money, to

be a bigshot. The danger caught up with him and he got what he deserved. He would

have sold out America to anybody, and maybe actually did, but it could never have been


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