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The Phil Savage Talent Show...


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Right now, Corey Williams has more offsides penalties than sacks - how much did we pay for that bum? If it wasn't Opie doing the drafting - we would have been bettr off with the second round pick at much lesss the cap space than Williams provides.


How much did we pay for candybones Stallworth to attend games in blue jeans with Joe Jurevicius every week? GREAT idea Opie. There's a reason he's playing for his 4 consecutive disappointed franchise right now.


BOTH Dumb Ass and RAC got raises so if you got a bitch about either - Opie thought they were worthy of raises - I don't care HOW MANY candyasses we beat in 2007 because it's 2008.


Phil's first round pick contributions: Edwards leads the NFL in dropped passes, Wimbley doesn't sack QBs anymore, and if we're petrified to play Quinn over a guy that throws interceptions for TDs on screen passes - HOW good is Opie at drafting anyway????? He got ONE of his 3rd pick overalls right. Yay!


The CRAP starts at the top and picks up passengers.


Randy Lerner - Hasn't had the first clue since he took on this franchise as another hobby from daddy.


Phil Savage - Haven't you noticed McNair went 13-3 once they replaced Opie's boy Boller? Now they have Joe Flacco undefeated against Dumb Ass head to head. If you're THAT bad at pegging QBs, you're not GM material unless you have a clueless owner.


Romeo Crennel - Don't worry Romeo - Opie is going to be at another Monday morning Press conference telling media and fans they just don't get it. Things are perfect because we were able to beat a bunch of teams like the 2007 Miami Dolphins in 2007. We're all set.


Hard to get excited about the Dumb and Dumber Show every week. They used to have a Show called the Gong Show where acts that weren't entertaining got gonged off the stage. That's what our passign game with DA looks like. All he can throw are passes down the middle of the field. That's it.


Baltimore found the solution to Shaun Rogers - it's called allowing DA to be DA for 6 consecutive 3 and outs or less. Shaun was an oxygen because Dumb Ass couldn't complete a pass even if those wearing DA knee pads want to cry it was all Braylon's fault. Sure he dropped one BUT you better believe the jump ball in the end zone was an INT he wrapped his hands around where dual possession rewards the offense.


At this point - I don't give a rat if the problem is RAC or DA or Opie because nobody thinks there's any problems in our brass so it'll remain unfixed and we'll probably win 1 of our next 3 games and pretend everything is perfect again. We're 1-3 in division once again so in all 4 Savage years - we're never better than 3 losses in the division. All guys he gave raises to in my recent memory have bombed out from Roye to Bodden to DA to RAC to Andra Davis to Ryan Tucker.


Does Butch Davis have a waterboy scholarship for Opie at North Carolina? Folks, he sucks every bit as bad as the Head Coach he gave a raise to and every bit as bad as his idea that DA is our solution. Yuck! What a disappointment. This nonsense about PROVING they're right about Dumb Ass makes me HATE their existence here while we traded away a first round pick to sit a guy because we're worried he might make a mistake. That screen pass for a Ratbird TD from Dumb Ass was his 3rd INT for a TD in the sweep of us. It reminded me of the 2nd half of the Pitt rematch in 2007 where DA led our offense to 6 consecutive 3 and outs when it was time for the QB to WIN the close game. One QB did - the other couldn't. Dejavue!

- Tom F. (O for Pittsburgh has turned into O for Flacco but the Monday Morning Opie Show will wonder why everyone is so negative about all HIS talent.)

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No mention of Jamal Lewis?


Also it wasn't 6 consecutive 3-and-outs or less, it was five, but let's take a closer look at these that you blame DA for;


1st 3-and-out (third quarter)

- Lewis runs for 4

- DA to Steptoe for 3

- Braylon Edwards drops an easy out pattern on left.


2nd 3-and-out (fourth quarter)

- Lewis no gain

- Lewis runs for 3

- Braylon drops deep ball down the middle.


3rd 3-and-out

- DA hits Winslow for 22, but brought back to half the distance to goal for Off pass Inf.

- Lewis runs for 3

- Lewis runs for 3

- DA to Winslow for 6 on 3rd-and-8


4th 3-and-out

- Jason Wright for 2 yards (since running on first down has been so productive)

- DA incomplete to Edwards

- DA incomplete to Sanders (didn't we cut him?)


5th 3-and-out

- Anderson under rush, is flushed out of pocket and gains 2

- DA incomplete to Sanders (from practice squad to featured in crunch time, nice)

- DA Interception as Suggs was only one expecting/ready for ball. (nice non-block Joe Thomas!)


Here's who I blame for the 3-and-outs:

[*]Chud was the second biggest tool for his run on first down play calls.[/*:m:2lkod901]

[*]Winslow can't gain space on ANYBODY, and can't break a tackle.[/*:m:2lkod901]

[*]Derek Anderson needs to work over-time with Steptoe, Sanders and others and coach them into legit #1's or #2 WR's in this league.[/*:m:2lkod901]

[*]Jamal Lewis gets a golf clap for his veteran leadership.[/*:m:2lkod901]

[*]Joe Thomas ... remember when he used to be good? Man, those were great times against 2007 weekass D-lines, huh?[/*:m:2lkod901]

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One nit pick stan, on a screen pass Joe T is supposed to let the rusher get through so they run themselves out of the play chasing the QB who should have the ball out and into the hands of our RB. It isn't his fault that anderson threw it to the wrong colored jersey.

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No mention of Jamal Lewis?


Winslow can't gain space on ANYBODY, and can't break a tackle.


Regarding Jamal Lewis:


I must say, it is well documented that the Ratbirds are (& were before playing us) #1 against the run.


Regarding the injured Ratbird secondary:


The Ratbirds had many injuries in their secondary, why couldn't we take advantage of their weakness?


Regarding Winslow:


Call it "coincidence" once again BUT we seem to lose when Winslow is playing for whatever reason. Do we lose run blocking and pass blocking when he's in there? Do we become 1 dimensional whereas defenses can play Winslow as a receiver only who is lining up on the O-line?


I know Winslow makes some amazing catches but at what cost?


Regarding Play Calling:

I'm not sure AND I didn't re-watch the game (and don't intend to) but I think it was very predictable. Mostly run on 1st down, run on 2nd down and pass on third down.


I understand the "establish a run game" or "keep them honest" crap BUT would it hurt to mix it up and MAYBE take advantage of the only weakness the other defense may have?

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We'll chuck it 43 times in 40-MPH Winds last season against a team that can't stop the run, but throw it 33 times and run it more often against a team that is staunch against the Run and has a depleted secondary.


Why couldn't we get more open than we did against that defensive secondary? Was there ever a pass pattern that our WR's created an easy throw to?


Every time the ball goes to Winslow he is wearing a defender like a prep sweater ... but think back to Heiden and him receiving and running in open field. Think back to Joe J finding the seams.

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I know you hate PRETTY QBs but in the last 3 Ratbird games DA has thrown 4 INTs that went for TDs. We've needed Dawson for FGs over 52 yards in 2 of those. If you didn't know better and you watched that game - you would have thought DA was the rookie and Flacco was the veteran that LEARNED how to treat a close ball game.


I'll give Braylon credit for dropping the best pass DA has thrown all year; BUT I'll also give him credit for stealing the pass DA threw to the defender in the end zone for a dual possession rewarding the WR with a TD reception right or wrong?


If you don't LIKE Edwards or Jamal - what does the title of this thread read? And what about this #99 that can't sack anybody - he's just great at jumping offsides and giving the opponent a first and 5. How much did we spend? And I was TRYING to be positive about Wimbley but truth be told - he got erased by some no-name Tackle. If you don't LIKE Quinn what does the title of this thread read? If one doesn't like Wimbley, Stallworth or Williams, what does the title of this thread read? And guess who we can't count on for the 3rd consecutive season? Ryan Tucker. We don't LEARN from history, character or anything - we just kneejerk to overspending on the WRONG guys. YES, Shaun Rogers is a rare home run that needs oxygen when DA can't move the chains or if you need to pin it all on Jamal or Edwards, then run that. Whatever. QBs need to be playmakers at crunch time and DA SUCKS anytime it's a pressure situation UNLESS it's one of his rare HOT days.


Meanwhile our defense tired for six consecutive 3 and outs or less from our offense plus the kickoff return Cribbs gave us which didn't rest our D but since it gave us 7 points - who's complaining about that? I saw about 3 or 4 possessions starting between our own 38 and 43 yard line, which means all the offense had to do on a day our kicker was good from 54 was drive the ball about 30 yards. Not impossible unless you've got the most inaccurate QB in the NFL starting. Last year we had all these people bellyaching about the defense BUT when we re-match Pitt we lost a lead because our offense couldn't exceed 1-2-3 punt for an entire 2nd half so all the DA groupies were crying look at the defense they lost another one for us. Cribbs returned a kickoff in that one too as well as another one 97 yards to the 2 where the DA fans got to retend he drove us the length of the field for a TD pass. Whatever! When the game is on the line - he couldn't beat Lerch or Flaccoseagulls.


I've shared the 2nd half drive summaries of the 2nd Pittsburgh matchup of 2007 more than once and this game was the spitting image of that. 2nd half lead UNPRESERVED by countles 3 and outs. I think Rich Gannon does a NEAT analysis from an MVP QB's perspective. The week before, the commentators thought they would see Quinn and they didn't say that because they think Quinn is going to be perfect. They said it because they saw the SAME game films of DA that many of us have been gagging about.


When the game is TIGHT - you just CANNOT let someone intercept a screen pass for a TD. He's terrible. You're still stuck on that 2007 schedule where we gave DA too much credit for completing 33% of his passes vrs the Bills in a shutout or for beating the Miami team that 14 other opponents beat. Big deal. ALl of our QBs could have beaten the follwing pansies from 2007: Balt twice, Miami, St Louis, SF, NYJ, Cincy, Arizona (we were the only passing game to struggle vrs them as an INTs went for a score), Oakland, etc.


We should NOT have waited all the way until game 9 to make this change. Savage and RAC threw this season away on us. Now it's probably going to take 2-3 weeks before ANOTHER brand new QB gets comfortable. There were countless games that were IDEAL relief pitcher situations. You act like fans haven't had reason #1 to want a better alternative to a dumb QB that repeats the same errors in air tight games.


Bottom line: when we're playing teams in our own division, I'm watching the opposing QBs making more plays to WIN tight ball games whether the score is 10-6 or it is 37-27 and a ROOKIE doing it. INTs for TDs in BOTH Ratbird games blew the games wide open for them. You can sugarcoat it being all Jamal's and Braylon's fault if you feel the need BUT if we don't have a veteran QB looking more GAME smart than a rookie opposing QB - you better believe there's going to be fans that want the Brady Quinn kid you hate Stan. Sorry. Play well and keep your starting job.

- Tom F.

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I never said shit about Brady Quinn.


We had the better RB in Sundays game, no question that we have a better Run blocking O-line, definately have better LB's than the Ravens, and our Strong Safety probably forgot more about football than their Strong Safety. We are better against the Run, and don't play soft coverage against the pass like those sissy Ravens do. We had them beat across the board ... if it just weren't for that rookie-like QB performance.


Now, when they said that Quinn was starting ... did they say which position he was starting in?


I'm hoping Linebacker ... and anticipating the press conference.

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Jamla Lewis 21 Carries for 154 yards ... 7.3 yrd average.

Raven Rookie 19 Carries for 49 yards ... 2.6 yrd average.


Tell the Ravens to don't bring that weak rookie shit in here no-mo!

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