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Bad idea: "smart guns"

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anything that high tech can be hacked by high tech.


And the magnetic ring - you live near a power station. Oops, your ring doesn't work. Or,

maybe the opposite - the power station overlays the magnetic ring functionality,

and the gun always fires regardless.


I used to walk to a factory floor to have interviews with people on new software projects....

and a computer disk would get fried, if I walked up to a machine running too close, to talk

to somebody.


A terrorist could use a electromagnetic field to rely on ccw and police magnetic ring thingie guns from operating.


Very bad. Magnetic rings would wreak havoc on cell phones.


Whatever. A bad idea - way too expensive anyways.

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Fair enough.


One of the reasons Glock's are so popular is simplicity. Simple to load, simple to fire, simple to take down, simple to clean, simple to repair. Because of this, people often associate their reliability with simplicity. Not sure anyone wants a "404 error " message in a gun especially if it's used as a self defense gun.

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All technology can be exploited. I don't see that as a reason to shun it Woody


But it is a reason to be careful what you adopt. Far too much technology

can be overridden and rendered useless by other technology.


Like radio/radar jamming. If the technology isn't foolproof and hackproof, most folks

will have nothing to do with it. They are already recalling a line of cars because they

have been shown to be hacked. Ever use a gps that goes off the deep end, and says

you are nearing your destination, when you obviously a mile away?

Just because it is technology and for a good cause, doesn't mean it should be adopted.


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