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Another Police Officer murdered in Memphis

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BREAKING: Suspect Named in Murder of Memphis Policeman – Had Been RELEASED from Bank Robbery Sentence

by Top Right News on August 2, 2015 in Uncategorized


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News


On Saturday night, August 1st, Memphis police officer Sean Bolton was gunned down during a routine traffic stop.

Sunday night police named a suspect in the murder of Bolton, 33, who also served as a U.S. Marine combat veteran in Iraq before joining the force in 2010.

Tremaine Wilbourn, 29, was announced by police as the shooter. Wilbourn had been convicted for bank robbery, and sentenced to 10 years in prison.


But instead of being in jail, Wilbourn was on “supervisory release” after only 3 years, when he shot and killed Bolton, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

So how was his “supervision” going? Not too well, as he was conducting a drug deal in his car — parked illegally — when Bolton pulled over to investigate.

Bolton saw a red 2002 Mercedes-Benz parked illegally on Summerland. He pulled in front of the car and turned on his spotlight.

As Bolton approached the Mercedes, the passenger got out and a struggle ensued, police said. The passenger then opened fire, hitting Bolton multiple times at close range.

Bolton, was transported in critical condition but was later pronounced deceased due to multiple gunshot wounds.

“After inventorying the suspect vehicle, it was found that Officer Bolton apparently interrupted some sort of drug transaction,” [Memphis Police Chief] Armstrong said, noting that police found a digital scale and 1.7 grams of marijuana. “We’re talking about less than 2 grams of marijuana. We’re talking about a misdemeanor citation. We probably would not have even transported for that.”

That fact particularly outraged Armstrong, addressing the suspect directly in a press conference:

“You are a coward. You gun down, you murder a police officer, for less than two grams of marijuana,” he said. “You literally destroy a family.”

Wilbourn is at large, however the man who was allegedly buying drugs from him last night turned himself in Sunday, the AP reported.

WMC-TV reported (via Gateway Pundit) that respective $10,000 rewards are being offered by the U.S. Marshals Service and the Memphis city council.

So much for Obama’s complaints about lengthy prison sentences for criminals. And I won’t hold my breath to see any Obama officials at Bolton’s funeral. Only criminals of the right complexion win that honor.

He survived a tour of duty as a Marine in Iraq to come home and be murdered by this lowlife who never should have been released. Unbelievable.


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I wonder if the major media outlets nbc, abc and whatever.....


covered this much at all.


And Obamao...surprising that he hasn't declared

could have been his brother.


Or something. Black thug on white officer - silence from the media and Obamao and all.


White officer has to shoot black thug - all hell breaks loose in the above, protests,

Obamao makes indignant speeches, and the media blares out the news about it repeatedly.


Culture war. They are fighting it. It's one sided so far.

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Now, Obamao, and (holder)...and lynch, corrupt, all of em...


are hiding the type of gun used, and are keeping information about that gun used...



Any lib not know why?



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