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Curt Schilling removed from broadcast..."offensive" tweet


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ESPN removes Curt Schilling for comparing extremist Muslims to Nazis.

Fuckin really?? He didn't just say Muslim, he said EXTREMIST Muslims.


This PC shit will never end until the citizens all conform.

This fuckin sickness called liberalism.






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somebody should send the historical facts to espn about

extremist muslims and nazi connections before wwii


With the exception of their loathing of jews, there are none. Nazi's would not have tolerated Islam in Europe whatsoever had they won the war. Quite frankly these extremist muslims are worse than the Nazi's. At least ze germans gave us top shelf tank production. All modern day tank designs originate from German armor development in the 30's and 40's. Plus they had cool motorcycles with sidecars incorporating m42 machine guns.


In short, Nazi world would have been much cooler than mooslim world. We could all goosestep every morning to Wagner....I mean, just brilliant stuff tbh.






























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Curt Schilling is a moron. Walt Disney is the parent company to ESPN and they aren't going to tolerate an employee, who's job is to interact with the masses, to spout negative views of any race or religion. This isn't new Cowherd, Brit Mchenry, Max Kellerman, Keith Olberman and Jason Whitlock have all had issues in the past. If you work for Fox News you can say what Schilling said, if you work for ESPN your getting suspended, pretty simple.

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