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Who are you shopping and what is their MSRP?


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This is it... First cut week... but also the time to stop players with value that may not make your team, but some team(s) may covet just enough to not want them to see the waiver wire... or better yet to pry them out of your hands.


Not going to get top value for them, but something is better than nothing.



Hawk - love him, but do we need him? GB's WR need just got pretty big. Send him there for a 3rd?

Dray - if he's the odd-man out, which I don't see, but could be the case, there has to be someone with a need for a well-balanced TE worth a 6th.

Housler - Should be the one to go IMO... someone had to be interested along with us, didn't they? Same 6th as Dray...



Gilbert - Cowboys might want a bookend with the potential to match Maurice. Not going to give a 3rd tho... maybe a 5th?

Billy - loved him, but feel like we lost him somewhere in the past two years. Maybe a 5th... likely a 6th.

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Who are our slot guys? Is Hartline there? If not, then Hawk is still the best option by far unless we can put Gabriel there.


What's the timeline like here? When are initial cuts made? Is there any chance we put a guy on our 53 that was cut by another team? When does that happen?

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I know Gilbert is playing poorly but at this point I think it is a bit early to give him away for a 5th round pick. Id rather see him on the practice squad than that. At least right now.


He can't go on the practice squad, because you'd have to cut him first.


He's making the team. Hopefully Gaines makes the team too.



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