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All Joe, John, Jim, Jack Browns team

The Gipper

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OK, this is just some fun and frivolity taken off from another Thread. Here is the all John, Joe, Jim, Jack Browns team. Some positions had lots of guys by those names (OL), others had little (WR/RB). But here are the best guys by those names to play each positition:


QB: Jim Ninowski

RB: Jim Brown HOF

RB: Jim (James) Jackson

WR: Joe Jurevicius

WR: Jon Yonakor (40s)

TE: Johnny Brewer

OT: John Brown (60s)

OT: Joe Thomas

OG: Joe Dellamelleure HOF

OG: John Wooten

OC: John Morrow


DE: Joe (Turkey) Jones

DE: Jack Gregory

DT: Jim Kanicki

DT: James Jones

LB: Jim Romanisziyan

LB: James Michael Johnson

LB: John Garlington

LB: Jim Houston

CB: Joe Haden

CB: Jim Shofner

S: John Pettibon

S: Jim Leonhard


P: Johnny Evans

K: no one by the name John/Joe/Jim/Jack ever kicked for the Browns.....so I give Jeff Jaeger honorable mention here



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Jon Yonakar is a name from Browns history that even I had never heard:

Played in all 4 AAFC season for the Browns.....appeared in 74 games.....but only had 18 catches for 220 yards and 4 TDs.

Played both ways as he also played DE.


But, yes, besides Jurevicious he caught more passes and more yards than any Jack Joe John or Jim the Browns have ever had at WR.


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Would you prefer the all "I wanna be like Mike" Browns team? Here are the top players at each positions whose names were Mike:


QB Mike Phipps (or Pagel or Tomsczak)

WR Michael Jackson

WR Mike Oliphant (RB/WR)

RB Mike Pruitt

RB Mike Bell

TE Mike Sellers

OT Mike MacCormack HOF

OT Michael Bowie

OG Mike Pucillo

OG Mike Katolin

OC Mike Baab


DE Mike St. Clair

DE Mike Robinson

DT Michael Dean Perry

DT Mike (Mickey) Sims

LB Mike Johnson

LB Mike Lucci

LB Mike Caldwell

LB Mike Hamilton

CB Mike Howell

CB Mike Furrey

S Mike Adams

S Mike Whitwell


K....no person named Mike ever kicked for the Browns...but give Mark Mosely or Matt Bahr or Matt Stover

P...no person named Mike ever punted for the Browns....I will give you Max Runager instead

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