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Great Supporting Roles

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A few of my favorite supporting roles by actors:


Sam Elliot in The Big Lebowski "Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes, well, the bear eats you".


Harvey Keitel as Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction. "I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if you want to get out of this. So, pretty please, with sugar on top"


Ned Beatty in Network.

You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations! There are no peoples! There are no Russians. There are no Arabs! There are no third worlds! There is no West! There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multi-variate, multi-national dominion of dollars! petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars!, Reichmarks, rubles, rin, pounds and shekels! (


Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. "Coffee is for closers".


Charlie Sheen in Ferris Beuhler's Days Off. "Drugs?" Drugs.


William Hurt in Mr. Brooks "I like eating, I like fucking, I like killing"


Give a few of yours.

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Michael Madsen - Reservoir Dogs


Benicio Del Toro - The Usual Suspects


Denzel Washington - Cry Freedom


Bill Murray - Caddyshack


Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight


Probably the best Jack Nicholson as Colonel Nathan R. Jessup even though calfowx did a great job as Kendrick

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