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The democratic depravity goes on and gets worse. Will it ever end?


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Very sick how this character smith keeps regurgitating the accepted lies about

abortion and planned parenthood. Very nazi-ish. planned parenthood must be




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I stopped watching the videos after about the 4th one - I was already convinced of the abortion mills agenda


way back when CBN published a report of their own called " a silent scream"


showing by ultrasound the obvious pain felt by an unborn child being prodded and poked


before being murdered for removal.


Im all for unfunding this group too - and I dont care if the gov shuts down over it...


but remember the last time the threats of shut down loomed?


unfunding wont get done and largely because of limp establishment republicans

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Because of the left wing bias of the mainstream media this horror story out of Planned Parenthood has not gotten the coverage it should. The mainstream media will run stories to death when it advances their agenda and ignore as much as possible stories that go against liberal ideology such as abortion. Only Fox has covered this story like it should be.


I hear wimpy RINO Mitch McConnel say if they vote to defund Planned Parenthood that Obama will veto it. So make him veto it instead of doing nothing!

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