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Biggest Draft Busts by School

The Gipper

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Here are some posts on who the 5 biggest draft busts from particular high profile schools were in history. I will start with Ohio State:


Jim Davidson OT drafted #8 by Buffalo Bills 1965 in AFL draft. Does not appear to have played in the pros.


Leo Hayden RB drafted #24 overall by Vikings in 1971. Career: 8 carries 11 yards


Bob Ferguson FB drafted #23 overall by Steelers in 1962. Career 66 carries for 209 yards. While more of a fullback he must have not done much blocking as he played just 2 years.


Craig Powell LB drafted #30 overall by the Browns in 1995. He was shite. Though it shows he was on an NFL roster for 3 years....he is credited with just 1 career tackle and 1 career assist.


Art Schlichter QB drafted #4 overall by the Colts in 1982. 0-6 as a starter. Only 91 out of 209 pass attempts.


Honorable Mentions:

William Anderson DB drafted #23 overall by 49ers 1976

Eric Kumerow DE drafted #16 overall by Dolphins 1988



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Here is Notre Dame's Top Draft Busts:


Brady Quinn QB drafted #22 by the Browns in 2007. 4-16 record


Derek Brown TE drafted #14 overall by Giants in 1992. only 43 career catches


George Izo QB drafted #2 overall by the Redskins in 1962. 3-3 as a starter (but hung around a few years as a backup)


Jim Seymour WR drafted #10 overall by the Rams in 1970. Just 21 career catches


Ken McCafee TE drafted #7 overall by the Rams in 1969. Only 46 career catches.

the Rams apparently didn't learn their lesson from year to year there.


Honorable Mentions:

Steve Niehaus DT drafted #2 overall by the 49ers in 1978

Tony Hunter TE, drafted #12 overall in 1983 by the Bills. Lucky for them they got Jim Kelly 2 picks later.

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Here are the biggest Draft Busts for Michigan:


Jim Pace RB #8 overall pick of the 49ers in 1958. 161 career yards.


Trezell Jenkins OT #31 overall pick of Chiefs in 1995. Played in 9 NFL games, made 1 start.


William Yearby DE #13 overall pick of the Jets in 1966. Played just one year.


Michael Taylor LB #20 overall pick of the Jets in 1972. Played 8 games


Jarrod Bunch FB #27 overall pick of the Giants in 1997. Played 3 years.

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Here is Alabama:


Joey Jones WR drafted #9 overall by Falcons in 1986. 7 career catches (I think this was "Ham" Jones...or Lam Jones)


Dennis Homan WR drafted #20 overall by Cowboys in 1968. 37 career catches


Les Kelley LB drafted #26 overall by Saints in 1967. Stats show 1 career int. and nothing else


Emanuel King LB drafted #25 overall by Bengals in 1985.


Trent Richardson RB drafted #3 overall by Browns 2012.....need anything else?


Honorable mentions:

It looks like Alabama DBs Dre Kirkpatrick and Dee Milliner are headed for the bust list.

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Ted Ginn was the 8th pick in the draft and has been on 5 teams in 9 seasons, that's a honorable mention bust, no two ways about it

Well, the fact is that there are probably a dozen or more that would make that list before him:

Per PFR, Ted Ginn ranks #71 among OSU draftees......There are over 200 OSU players that rank worse


Gholston had no sacks his entire career, that's worse then a fullback from 50 years ago

No it isn't....it is just more recent.

But, yes, you are right about Gholston....he would rate at least in the Top 6-8 biggest OSU busts.

(but if you want to put him at #1, I only have 2 words for you: Art Schlichter)

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Bust are relative to where they are picked though. The terms for a 1st round bust are different than a pick in the 4th.

Every one of the busts I listed were first round picks.

Gholston....yes, a much bigger bust than Ginn....who somewhat underachieve...but not outright bust.

If he was an outright bust, all of those teams would not have picked him up.

I would take him right now as our KOR.

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