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The US to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees.


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i'll agree here, bad idea unless you sodium pentathol each and every one of them up to see if they're one of these rebel groups.




What I think needs to happen is that Obama, and frankly a lot of the senators and congressman from both sides, swallow their dicks and back Assad. I for one am happy Putin is stepping in and I agree with him that Assad has to stay. I hope the rooskies smash Isis and have a vodka over their burning bodies. I frankly dont' give a fuck that the Saudi's hate Assad....we've cowtowed to the Saudi's enough. We cannot let Syria get overrun by these Sunni rebel groups. None of them are "moderates" like McCain likes to fantasize about. What a lot of you don't know is that these rebel groups have been putting beheading videos on the internet "LONG" before Isis became a formal group.


Yeah it's shitty to gas people as there were kids there, but on the other hand....Assad is dealing with the worst the human race has to offer. He gassed a lot of really fucked up individuals but we only get to see kids and what look like innocent people running around screaming after being gassed. Assad is not a good guy per se, but he's no different than any other strongman that we've coddled and nurtured in that region. His only transgression against us is that he bought Russian military weapons instead of ours. Had he done that we'd have permanent bases there and we'd see him in DC regularly knobbing around with all the politico douchebags.

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. I would back the devil you know for sure.


and that's how fucked up that place is....well the world really, but specifically there for sure. Why, after destabilizing Iraq and Libya...we made that call? I don't understand it. It can only have something to do with his relationship with Russia.


Frankly i'm looking forward to seeing Russia in action. I think it's about high time another power stepped forward and helped in the middle east. This shit is way outside of our singular capability at this point. And frankly with China, Korea.....and Russia as well, being assholes around the globe. We don't need to be strung out in the middle east anymore.

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