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Buy the Browns? What could go wrong?


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An owner ago, maybe, but now???


Fans can donate to crowdfunding effort to raise $1 billion dollars to buy the Cleveland Browns.

Danielle Sills, WKYC 7:44 p.m. EDT September 10, 2015


CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Browns fans are launching a crowdfunding campaign to buy the team.


The Billion Dollar Browns proposal is for fans to raise more than $1 billion to buy and manage the team.


Though it may seem far-fetched, the leader of the campaign is serious about this effort.


Here's how it works:


The group wants to raise $5 million by collecting $5 each from a million fans.


Each person who contributes will have to provide $1,000 if the initial million is raised.


Then accountants and attorneys will handle the $5 million while more is raised.


The Billion Dollar Browns group aims to give the people most passionate about the Browns more "direct impact on the direction and management of the team."


If the group reaches its goal, it has plans in place for a board of directors and much more.





Charter: http://billiondollarbrowns.com/charter/



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Even if not a scam... imagine 1,000,000 owners (most of whom likely know less about football than the average poster here) coming up with a reasonably decent, 13-member Board of Directors, 7 of whom are non-football people...


That can't be the Green Bay model, can it?

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To me this may work in Cleveland with the right people in place only. If it works in Green Bay why not Cleveland with the largest diehard Browns Fan base already in place and all they want is a winner again they can talk about all week? and be part of it. Who would it take to be the right leader? really is the question. Than how much say does the fan base really have? would be next.

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I was under the impression the NFL would not allow such a model of ownership save for Green Bay being grand fathered in.


And whom would select the 7 'non-football' board members? While I love the passion and loyalty of Browns fans, it's second to none - collectively many are legally Retarded. So there's also that hurdle to clear.

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