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Pettine bothered me more than anyone yesterday.


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It wasn’t the losing that bothered me, I can handle that. It was the lack of effort, no passion, no sense of urgency and they just looked slow and apathetic. From the coaches, to most of the players. It was grown men just collecting fat paychecks and nothing else. Mike Pettine has the leadership of a division 4 high school football coach from Iowa. I hate blowing this thing up but if that's really how he prepares his team with the amount of KILLER penalties then who gives a fuck if he gets fired. His post game presser was as of big of a snooze fest as his actual team. I'm not saying you have to be Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher out there but at least have your team ready to play.


We lost to a team with a first year head coach, back up QB, back up TE, and without their best defender (Richardson)

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Ryan is a lot more than a "First year head coach". Ryan comes in with a decent, well regarded reputation, and, I think he inspires people to play for him. I didn't get to watch any of the game being in North Carolina, but I do understand WW's point though. If your playing like shit, you want to see the coaches get fired up and start doing coaching.


But, from what I have read of the team's performance, it doesn't sound like they were ready, especially for the blitzing defense. How many 3rd down penalties did the Brown's have?


I don't act like the season is over, but if something doesn't change quick, we might as well start looking at the draft.


My daughters Vball coaches are the same way. The team is playing like crap, but you see nothing from the coaches, good or bad. And the coaches, young, inexperienced girls, have the personalities of rocks and have no communication skills whatsoever.

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As a fan you like to see the intensity from the coaches on the sidelines but does it really mean anything? Would it have meant anything for Pettine to throw his headset on the ground or get into players faces during the game? I believe the intensity is there with Pettine and it doesn't bother me if he doesn't show it during a game.


Also would it make a difference if Pettine ranted about the team's poor performance during a presser? I believe Pettine will hold players accountable and address these issues after watching game film and during practice. We'll see.

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Been saying this for years now, the team in no good. It's not like the current coaches, and previous ones, were working with 93 Cowboys. Josh Mccown got hurt and we act like Tom Brady went down. Our big free agent moves were Brian Hartline and Dwayne Bowe and this organization has money to burn. Our last 4 first round picks Justin Gilbert, Johnny Manziel, Danny Shelton and Cameron Irving. The first 2 don't seem to be NFL starters and there isn't enough on Shelton or Irving but if Irving can't start over Schwartz and Greco then that was a waste.

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Oh, baloney. It's only the first game of the entire season.


I saw absolutely no lack of intensity - it's more like they were over-intense,

and the struggles after McCown went out flustered them.


The defense tried to ratchet it up, and made mistakes. It is way, way, way too early in the

season to go off all aspects of the Browns.


Remember when the Browns beat the squealer squids 51-0 ? It wasn't because the steelers

so so bad and sucked so bad, things just got out of hand, made mistakes, and the Browns

just had most everything turn out their way.


It freakin happens, especially when Josh went out. That was a very big, emotional mistake.


Players who don't have intensity and don't care...don't make mistakes. It takes a few more games

to start running and have everything go as expected, especially when you have new coaches last year, new

system on offense this year,.new players....

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