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Quarterback Comparison

The Gipper

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I heard someone on the radio do something along these lines, so I thought I would adapt it to the Browns. I will take the Cleveland Browns QBs throughout their history and compare them to the NFL QBs that are playing today by saying Former Browns QB X is a lot like Current NFL QB Y in terms of style/substance/career accomplishment.

See if you see these as I do. Just FYI...I didn't see Milt Plum play for the Browns, so that comparison is just pure guesswork. I didn't see OG either....but that one is easy to compare:


Otto Graham........Tom Brady Just winning and being in control


Milt Plum.....Matt Stafford. Both good QBs...but not exceptional in accomplishment


Frank Ryan.....Joe Flacco. Proven that they can take a team to a title


Bill Nelsen....Carson Palmer....both gimpy kneed veterans that can win....but not quite win it all.


Mike Phipps.....Jay Cutler....both big with strong arms but highly erratic.


Brian Sipe......Tony Romo accurate and exciting....but can't get over hump


Paul McDonald....Kirk Cousins....both younger but probably 1 year fill ins


Bernie Kosar.....Phillip Rivers. Both tall, lanky, fiery with awkward deliveries. Winners...but not quite winning it all


Vinny Testaverde.....Jameis Winston? potential....strong arm....but not the sharpest tools in the shed.


Tim Couch.....Sam Bradford. #1 overalls.....bad lines and injuries hamper career



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Here are some other QB comparison devices of Browns QBs in history, using PFR. First I will look at their CA ranking among all NFL players since a certain date which in PFR is basically their total career production average.

Then I will give their "Fan Elorating"......which I understand measures these players as if they were in like a Stratomatic Football game....in other words, the players with the lower numbers are the ones you would want to play in your "game".

Think of it as a kind of All Time Fantasy League rating, something like that. (If anyone else can interpret it, feel free)

Lastly....I will give the names of other QBs in history that PFR says had a similar career to that particular QB:


Otto Graham........does not have a CA or a player comparison as he played too early for those stats, which began about late 50s...but, face it....he would be in there with Montana, Brady etc.

.....but OG is rated #1 ever in the Fan Elorating. (again, kind of best ever in fantasy like points? Not exactly, but like that)


Milt Plum....#1257 in CA.......#277 in Fan Elorating.

....compares to: Bill Nelsen, Doug Flutie, Marc Bulger, Stan Humphries, Gary Danielson, Elvis Grbac, Jason Campbell


Frank Ryan....#403 in CA.....#647 in Fan Elorating (funny because he is like Top 5-10 in career TD %)

.....compares to: Brian Sipe, Jim Zorn, Neil Lomax, Matt Schaub, Ken O'Brien


Bill Nelsen....#1257 in CA....#1151 in Fan Elorating

.....compares to: Doug Williams, Doug Flutie, Marc Bulger, Stan Humphries, Gary Danielson, Chad Pennington


Mike Phipps....#2219 in CA.....Not ranked in FanElorating (I take this to mean he didn't rate in Top 1500 desirable players in this game)

.....compares to: Bubby Brister, Marc Wilson, Pat Haden, Mark Sanchez


Brian Sipe: #443 in CA.....#600 in Fan Elorating

.....compares to: Joe Flacco, Don Meredith, Ken O'Brien, Neil Lomax, Matt Schaub, Bernie Kosar


Paul McDonald....#5747 in CA not rated in Fan Elorating....not given career comparisons as career too short


Bernie Kosar.....#646 in CA.....ranked #764 in Fan Elorating

.....compares to: Brian Sipe, Ken O'Brien, Archie Manning, Tommy Kramer


Vinny.....#97 in CA ranked #564 in Fan Elorating. (fair to say despite long career with a lot of numbers....he is still not considered as good as Bernie or Sipe in his prime.

.....compares to: Craig Morton, Jim Hart, Drew Bledsoe, Kerry Collins, Dave Kreig, Norm Snead....(long career guys)


Tim Couch....#3259 in CA Not rated in Fan Elorating

.....compares to Charlie Batch, Vince Young, Mark Sanchez, Mark Malone, Joey Harrington

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And, I have had this argument with Z and others. Check this out....players with similar careers as Tom Brady:



Theonly guy on that list that has anywhere near the career as Brady is Montana.


The rest are on another lower level, even Elway


4 rings and greatness outweighs 2 rings and greatness all day long

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The way I look at is this............


If your team is in the Superbowl, what QB do you want on your side?


Montana is 1 and Brady is 2


3rd isn't even close and is a toss up between numerous guys

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Theonly guy on that list that has anywhere near the career as Brady is Montana.


The rest are on another lower level, even Elway


4 rings and greatness outweighs 2 rings and greatness all day long

Well, that is only if you are counting rings. Elway played in 6 SBs, same as Brady.

I think titles are a component....but not the be all end all.

Of course, if we are counting titles....and measuring who is the best of all time.....then the answer is simple:

It is Otto Graham.

Next is Bart Starr


And if you are just counting rings during the Super Bowl era.....then you have to Include Terry Bradshaw with Brady and Montana.

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I watched both parts of that Browns Jets came.. I realize this was 45 years ago,, But if anyone watched.. You just had to be impressed with how well schooled Blanton Collier had everyone. I mean.. I was pretty amazed at all of the line shifting they did.. It was almost like orchestrated ballet. Both Namath and Nelson were dynamite passers.. too bad both of they're knees were shot by then.. but the zip on thier passes were incredibly crisp and accurate. Maybe we'll look like that again someday.

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Thats the tops for the names you listed. All those other names don't belong with Brady and Montana.

So, you think a guy that led his team to 7 championships and a guy that led his team to 5 championships are not as good simply because you were not alive to see them play?


Again, I use a baseball analogy: Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Honus Wagner, Cy Yount, Ty Cobb.... all are not to be considered among the best that ever played because YOU were not alive to see them?

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