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My appraisal of the rep "debate"


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CNN's political bigotry showed. They let trump and bush talk as long as they wanted

- they enjoyed, and instigated, bickering by mostly those two.


And every time any of the others were making a great point - the CNN morons would

cut them off quickly. And, cut them off even quicker if they criticized obamao or hillary.


CNN thrived on the idea that they could make it into a self-destructive circus by

piting them against each other. You can see the respect that Carson and Rubio

have from all the rest of the crowd.


Pretty dishonest. Here's my grades:


Trump - F -was an ignorant ass, ruined his momentum, will now fall further.

Bush - D just another political player who says stuff, then it disappears after he gets elected.

My prime candidate for "big dummy who will be most unlike his governor self as president,

and be exaclty as cowardly as Boehner and McConnell"


Cruz - C made sense, upped his standing..still looks like a bald eagle eyeing dinner.


Fiorina - B- carly did a fine job, but seemed snarky even when making great points.


Carson - *A* was a big winner in the debate - explained his illegals immigration plan.

no, it is most certainly NOT an amnesty at all. Really made some great points,

and commands respect when he does them. After thinking about it, I trust

his point about wisdom solutions vs military solutions. I admire the man.


Christie - C did good at times, great once - about 9/11, don't trust him. He hugged obamao.


Rubio - *A* also a big winner. Seriously showed why he has the ability to see foreign affairs

with great detail, and how about a Rubio-Carson ticket?


Huckabee - C+ did fine, still tunes in to more indignance than leadership.


Kasich - C Did okay - shows a lot of leadership, but not standupish enough on immigration and marriage. Not much evidence that he listens to anyone else but himself....


Rand - D - showed himself to be an immature pouty pus, and a renegade about common sense

and reality sometimes. His adamant posturing is all political.


Walker - C+ made some sense, brags about himself less than some, more than others...

Fairly sincere, but short on foreign affairs, made nearly no impressions.



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In order of succession to the Presidency (Carson or Rubio): (how I see the candidates)

Vice President

Carson or Rubio

Department of State

Department of the Treasury


Department of Defense
don't know

Department of Justice
Attorney General Cruz

Department of the Interior

don't know

Department of Agriculture
don't know

Department of Commerce
don't know

Department of Labor
Walker :)

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary Huckabee

Department of Transportation
don't know

Department of Energy
eliminate it federally

Department of Education
eliminate it federally

Department of Veterans Affairs
don't know

Department of Homeland Security

White House Chief of Staff
don't know

Office of Management & Budget

don't know

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What issues do you think John Kasich is avoiding?

I agree with the guy isn't quite charismatic enough for a presidential candidate, unfortunately.

Besides mishandling the Obama meeting I don't have much other bitch with chris Christie.

I think Dr Carson is a little bit too mild mannered.

Mike Huckabee had his shot and realizes he's not going to win this time but that makes it easier for him to go hard on his principles.

Donald Trump is a novelty. The left loves him because they think he divides the Republican Party and the left controls most of the media. (you don't hear many people disagreeing with the things he says)

Jeb Bush bores me to death.

I'm fine with Scott Walker or Marco Rubio but I like Carly Fiorina better than either one. I think she might grab the silent majority of women vote. I do not think Rubio will necessarily do well with Latinos because Mexicans don't consider themselves all that kindred with Cubans, they merely share a language.

Good riddance to Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry.

Hopefully Donald Trump will win it all or get the fuck out soon. Remember it's still pre-season so let him suck all the oxygen out of the room for now. I don't think he will be a factor as election time draws near.



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I thought Kasich wasn't completely terrible. After a bad taste joke at the start, Rubio looked less terrible.


But I have to agree with cal (gulp) - the questions were just horrible. Some questions that probably should have been asked:


- How will you raise/lower taxes and why

- How will you deal with ISIS

- How will you deal with Russia

- How will you encourage job growth

- How will you encourage economic growth

- Are going against Obamacare, if so why are you using it, and what is your alternative?

- How do you feel about free tuition for core subjects as an investment in the future of the coutnry

- How do you intend to bring jobs back from overseas

- How do you intend to stop jobs from going overseas



Instead, we got:


- Candidate X, candidate Y said something bad about you, what do you say?

And in response all we got was "Trump bad, muslims bad, immigrants bad, abortions bad" - I'm pretty certain at least 9 or 10 of the candidates have that stance. Are we (you, in fairness) just voting on a generic candidate? I mean, the knee-jerk comedy joke is of course yes, they're all generic on both sides.



How much of that was down to CNN I don't know, how much it was down to the candidates as well. But it didn't seem vastly different from the Fox moderated one a while back.

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Florina is a failed CEO. She is talking out her ass on things like "we will rebuild the 6th Fleet". We need to add to the fleets, not rebuild. And the 7th Fleet is the one we need to concentrate on, not the 6th.


I work with a couple people who work for HP, and lets just say they felt she made the company a lot worse during her tenure.

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I will agree that CNN turned it early into a clown show. That being said, some of the people up there were more than happy to oblige. Fox didn't really do a lot different. I felt so bad for Carly being questioned about the comment that ingnoramus made about her looks...than had to endure that ass of sharpie looking cunt say Oh I think she's beautiful, no really I do. That to me was the cringiest thing I've ever seen in Politics. And you could see it on her face.

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I think the cable networks have one eye on having a good debate on the issues and the other eye on the 23 million viewers and wanting to put on a good show. The eye on the good debate is best for the country (but it might be boring for some) and for educating voters but the networks are in business to make money and want some entertainment in the debate. So they ask those questions that are not of any real importance to stir up the pot pitting one candidate against the other.

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If the republicans frame the debate over planned parenthood to the overall push to end all abortions, yeah they're not gonna win that. The country has told the rep party numerous times we just aren't that conservative. However, if they frame it that we're not trying to stop abortions ie overturn Roe v Wade..what we're trying to do is ensure that abortions in this country don't become a capitalist market endeavor where women can mill out fetus parts, that they can win. They can win a lot of democrats if they say "WE ARE NOT GOING TO OVERTURN ROE V WADE". They can't do that though, so PP will go on as they please which is infuriating.

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