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If the Playoff Started Today, after Week 10

The Gipper

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If the Playoffs started today, after week 10, this is who would be in:


AFCE Patriots 9-0 with #1 seed

AFCN Bengals 8-1 #2 seed

AFCS Colts 4-5 own tie break over 4-5 Houston by virtue of win over them

AFCW Broncos 7-2

Wildcards: Steelers 6-4, Bills 5-4 (Bills in by virtue of win over also 5-4 Jets)


NFCE: Giants 5-5

NFCN: Vikings 7-2

NFCS: Panthers 9-0 #1 seed

NFCW: Cardinals 7-2

Wildcards: Packers and Falcons both 6-3



Race for the #1 overall pick:


Browns 2-8

Ravens 2-7

Chargers 2-7

Cowboys 2-7

Lions 2-7

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