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Liberal gov inferiority complex - deny homeschool science olympiad students....


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because they are too good, so they found a way to keep them from winning anything again.


If students won't be indoctrinated...they must be negated.



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"...the organization is just enforcing state law and noted that respresentatives from both sides were working to try to find a resolution."


New Mexico governor - Republican.


Definitely a liberal borg-assimilation-style moment. Nail on the head.

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haha. I knew you fools would KNEE JERK. LOL.


check it out:


Legislature New Mexico LegislatureUpper house SenateLower house House of Representatives U.S. Senators

U.S. House delegation



and, their state senate is majority DEMPOCRAP.




The majority is republican in the New Mexico House.


Check this out:


Years Democrats Republicans Independents


2001–2002 42 28 0

2003–2004 43 27 0

2005–2006 42 28 0

2007–2008 42 28 0

2009–2010 45 25 0

2011–2012 36 33 1

2013–2014 38 32 0

2014–2015 37 33 0

2015–2016 33 37 0


We don't know when this law was enacted... but whever it was, New Mexico was far more

democrapic as you look back over the years.


See, I read up on this before I posted.


As usual, you fools knee jerked, based on little information, and primarily emotional KNEE JERK.

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haha. you don't like the attacks on the left while obamao is "president of only the left"...


but during the Bush admin, it was repetitive outrage over halliburton, Bush and the frightening,

evil specter of Cheney and the

serious threat to the libs' freedom.


Now, libs don't give a frak.

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see? that makes you a very stupid asshole.


I don't believe in starting fights. But, if I have to fight

someone, they will be injured.


Therefore, you would be one to try to hit me with a 2 x 4

and then complain that I knocked your birdbrain ass out.


You'd say "hey, I thought you were against fighting"...

and nobody would bother to explain self defense to you,

because everybody knows you are an ignorant ass woodypeckerhead.


I'll say it again, probably the hundred or so time, shut the fargue up and stop screwing

with people, and their posts, and they will leave you alone, too.




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Yeah.. you definitely weren't first.


Look at when Cal joined. You really think you were the first to say we has crazy?



.... not even close



I know he's been here longer but when I first started it def seemed like people didnt fully grasp it. It took me a week or less to realize this dude has major mental problems. I could be wrong but i thought I remember making statements to that effect and alot of people were like oh that's just cal he's not serious. I was like no i think he's dead serious. But if you say people have seen it before I got here than that's fine, I can't really dispute that.

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