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It's only Regular Season- but


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I watched the Golden State- Clippers game last night, and good Lord, did the Warriors look good. Raining down threes- by everyone. Granted the Clippers weren't playing much perimeter defense, but it looked like everything Curry was tossing up was going in. Even when he was getting defended pretty well. Can't figure out how their small ball lineup was getting all those rebounds.


Christmas Day will be interesting.

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As Charles Barkley said, to beat Steph Curry, you have to muscle him, beat him up. Knock him on his ass over and over.



Charles is correct. Curry is slight, probably could get knocked over by a stiff breeze


I was perusing the NBA stat leaders- and Curry is 6'3", 190. Hmmmm..... Kyrie is almost exactly the same height & weight. Delly has an inch and 10 pounds on Curry. I find it hard to believe Step can keep scoring 34 ppg over an entire season. Continuing at that rate, it would be somewhere around 10th all-time.


& BTW, looking it up on Pro Basketball reference- they say records are made to be broken- but I feel pretty confident this one is all time safe, like Cy Young's wins. Amazing, but back in 1961 Wilt Chamberlain averaged 50 points a game- over an entire season.

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