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ObaMao forcing big serious trouble for Americans - with illegal immigration from Middle East/Mexico


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from the Homeland "security" agency's numbers:


In 2013 alone...


special interest me people caught at border:


Afghanistan 70

Egypt 192

Libya 16

Syria 72

Saudi Arabia 254


and in the news.... just last saturday, 3 saudis were caught trying

to get into the U.S. by trying to avoid a checkpoint.


5 Pakistanis and one Afghan were caught trying to illegally cross our border.


We are screwed in the future. I don't see how this isn't going to be

a serious terrorist hit in the making.


And Obamao is still playing divisive politics over it, and apparently still thinks

isil is a jv team.


If Bush had ever said that, it would be exploded all over the lib media every day.


I'm afraid we are going to get hit.

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