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If the Playoff started today after Week 11

The Gipper

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If the playoffs started today the following teams would be in:


AFCE Patriots 10-0 with #1 seed

AFCN Bengals 8-2 with #2 seed

AFCS Colts 5-5 own tiebreak over Texans...head to head and Div. record

AFCW Broncos 8-2 #3 seed

Wildcards: Steelers 6-4, Chiefs 5-5 over Jets, Bills, and Texans all also in the hunt with 5-5, but Chiefs have better conf. record


NFCE Giants 5-5

NFCN Packers 7-3 over Vikings due to head to head win

NFCS Panthers 10-0 with #1 seed

NFCW Cardinals 8-2 with #2 seed

Wildcards: Vikings 7-3, Falcons 6-4


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