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2015 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 12


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How come CBS has 2 NFC teams playing on Thanksgiving?


2 NFC teams are normally on FOX.

Every single team that played yesterday was an NFC team: Lions/Eagles/Panthers/Cowboys/Packers/Bears. Not a single AFC team. How unusual.

Since each network....CBS/Fox/NBC gets a game....then that is why CBS got 2 NFC games.

The real question is: why did they schedule it that way?

Two of the games on Thanksgiving are always played in Detroit and Dallas. Those traditions go back 75-50 years.

It is that third game that can be the wildcard.

Why not Raiders/Titans or Dolphins/Jets or some AFC game. No clue.

From what I see that will be unusual Sunday is that there are only two late games (4:00ish) on the schedule this week: Steelers/Seahawk and Cards/49ers.

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