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Good Read from Different Source... Cleveland Scene Magazine


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Something for everybody to hate about someone.


For me the most damming read on Gilbert I have laid eyes upon... excerpt below. here is a great deal more.



Disastrous Cleveland Browns Season Was Set Up to Fail From the Start



While Manziel's fall from grace is grabbing the headlines, he's been a veritable angel inside the facility compared to his first-round counterpart and teammate, Justin Gilbert, who should be the bigger story.


Gilbert is on an island in a way, just not the way the organization wanted. While other Browns players generally make an effort to get to know each other in the locker room and cafeteria, Gilbert is usually by himself, sometimes even leaving the facility during the free hour period before practice. Team good guy Joe Haden attempted to mentor Gilbert this offseason by working out with him in Miami, but Gilbert continued to push away veterans looking to help guide him in Cleveland. Hes isolated himself from the team.


Healthy scratches are the norm for Gilbert. The team realized they had reached the point of no return during a game in the middle of last season. The cornerback missed the mandatory team bus at 10:30 a.m. and had to be frantically located by the Browns security team. Gilbert showed up shortly after noon. One teammate nearly had to be restrained, his anger bubbling as Gilbert stood there smiling, eating candy.


Nine months later, in joint training camp practices against the Bills that featured 180 total players, nobody was worse than Justin Gilbert. When he aggravated a hip flexor, teammates privately told me they were thankful his play was embarrassing all of them. In two short afternoons he was exposed for what he is: an athletic specimen, not an NFL cornerback.

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Well now he has a concussion and was supposed to start at cornerback against Ravens. Explain that one.

What do you mean? He did start at cb today. He played on the inside. His concussion was on the kickoff return. Before that play, I had literally just said he was like the only db to not have a concussion this year... well shit. My bad! I just pulled a Jim Nantz.

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