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If the playoffs started today, December 1st

The Gipper

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If the Playoffs started today, the following teams would be in:


AFCE Patriots 10-1 #1 seed

AFCN Bengals 9-2 #2 seed

AFCS Colts 6-5 (win over Tx)

AFCW Broncos 9-2

Wildcards: Chiefs 6-5, Texans 6-5

In the Hunt: Jets and Steelers 6-5, Bills/Raiders 5-6


NFCE Redskins 5-6 (better div. record over Giants)

NFCN Vikings 8-3

NFCS Panthers 11-0 #1 seed

NFCW Cardinals 9-2 #2 seed

Wildcards: Packers 7-4, Seahawks 6-5

In the hunt: Falcons 6-5, Bears, Giants, Bucs each 5-6

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The "Race" for the #1 overall draft pick:


Browns 2-9

Titans 2-9

Chargers 3-8

Cowboys 3-8

49ers 3-9



Important games this weekend between contending teams:

Jets v.s Giants

Falcons vs. Bucs

Seahawks vs. Vikings

Texans vs. Bills

Chiefs vs. Raiders

Colts vs. Steelers.

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Right now we have the 2nd overall, right?

I think that is right. The Titans would actually have #1.


The tiebreaker is not based on the same as that for making the playoffs.

Example: you would think that by virtue of the Browns defeat of the Titans that the Titans would be #1......but head to head is not a factor apparently. It is like strength of schedule.

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Who do you think the Browns should take? Seriously. What player could have an impact right away like Luke Keochley, or Honey Badger type player. Do we go defense?

As long as we don't get a Jadevon Clowney or Mingo. What player can help the most? Bosa? Adolphus Washington? Or Wide receiver?

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