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Breaking out the wayback machine


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The season is like burnt toast and to get that taste out I started thinking some sbout the 80s Browns teams.

When Dixon and Minnifield first teamed up...what a stir. They rewrote the book on pass coverage and opposing WRs hated them. They would bump that WR flat on his ass then shadow him. And barking like a rabid pit bull in his face. It rattled them and got them very out of joint. When asked why, cause we the last dawgs of defense was their reply... Then the fans caught up on what was happening. When opposing teams went into THAT endzone it was with some fear. Anything and everthing could and did fly outa there. Good gawd amighty, I still get a tear in the eye thinking of the beauty of a full 16 oz beer flying through the air. Then it got a bit settled but allowed dog bones in. Who in the world would have thought that Milkbone would become NE Ohio's favorite snack food. Bars had bowls of em. Home parties passed the box...and people chowed them ...as well as pelting opposing player which had the audacity to get near their Dawgpound. And to think it started with a CB.

I know lots on here remember them days and I would love to read some personal memories of better times. I bet some of the younger fans might get a kick out of some of these memories too. To them I ask to hang in there. The early Browns teams pulled the pendulum so freaking high, it's taking a while to swing back. But it will.

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