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Playoff and Standings End of season predictions


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Week 14 is upon us and that means we are 4 weeks from the playoffs, here's my predictions for the playoffs and standings


AFC North

Bungles 12-4 Y

Steelers 11-5 X

Ravens 4-12

Browns 2-14


AFC East

New England 14-2 Y

Jets 9-7

Bills 8-8

Dolphins 6-10


AFC South

Colts 10-6 Y

Texans 8-8

Jaguars 5-11

Titans 3-13


AFC West

Denver 13-3 Y (Osweiler is named starter)

Kansas City 11-5 X

Oakland 6-10

San Diego 3-13


NFC North

Green Bay 11-5 Y

Minnesota 10-6 X

Detroit 8-8

Chicago 7-9


NFC East

New York 8-8 Y

Philadelphia 7-9

Washington 6-10

Dallas 3-13


NFC West

Arizona 14-2 Y

Seattle 10-6 X

San Francisco 6-10

St.Louis 5-11


NFC South

Carolina 16-0 Y

Tampa Bay 7-9

Atlanta 6-10

New Orleans 6-10




Wild Card round


Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati

PIT 31 CIN 16

Kansas City vs Indianapolis

KC 34 IND 31



Green Bay vs Seattle

GB 13 SEA 24

New York vs Minnesota

NY 26 MIN 23


Divisional Round:


Denver vs Pittsburgh

DEN 27 PIT 24

New England vs Kansas City

NE 37 KC 28



Carolina vs Seattle

CAR 30 SEA 31

Arizona vs New York

ARI 45 NY 10


Conference Championship



New England vs Denver

NE 38 DEN 34




Arizona vs Seattle

ARI 24 SEA 20


Super Bowl

New England vs Arizona

NE 27 Arizona 23

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Re your scenario: I see neither Pitt. or NYG making the playoffs.

NE is reeling....and I don't see them as strong.


Cincy will finally pull out a post season win. They may even make the Super Bowl.

At this point I would take them over Pats/Broncos.


Carolina is for real.


So....just for shits and giggles.....lets say that the Super Bowl will be the "Big Cat" Bowl.......Panthers vs. Bengals. (both currently have the #1 seed....so this in not so far fetched.)

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Straight Outta Carolina---You got the wrong Cats----The New England Cheatah's our Pounced by the Bengals Than The Panthers Keep Pounding the Bengals in the SB. Book It Dandy Dalton (Here's your Pussy) Here kitty kitty :P:o

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