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Pe(a)yton Place

The Gipper

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Could this be the future of the Browns? Calling the City Peayton Place?


Jimmy is tight with Peyton Manning......and you all know about the suggestion that Jimmy may want Peyton to come in and do a John Elway thing here.


And Sean Payton may be on thin ice in New Orleans. He may need a change of scenery....and one possible destination would be that he could come here.


I mean, the team is already run like a soap opera apparently....why not just go with the theme?



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He would take one look at any one of our games and realize career ending injury would occur within the first 4 games once he has a gander at how poor the protection has been.

I am talking about Peyton Manning coming here as a front office exec.....not as a QB. His days as QB are done....stick a fork in that.

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