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Islamic coalition to combat terrorism

The Cysko Kid

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They gotta do it, though Saudi and their friends are the ones who predominately funded Isis when it was more of a kickstart organization.


Weren't all or most of the hijackers on 9/11 from Saudi Arabia?


We don't really care about any of that or their human rights violations because OIL.




Women can't drive cars or go in public without their husband, people get beheaded in public.


Clinton loves them though and is happy to take their money for her foundation :)


But Trump, that guys a sick racist sexist bigot.

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I don't think it's actually the Saudis and their so called friends. There are Saudis and there are Saudis. The royal family can't afford to be seen as too good a friend to the United States but they have a shitload to lose.

If it weren't for the United States the royal family would probably be out on their ass and we'd have another Iran to deal with except with more money. Obama might like that but I don't think it's good for the rest of the world.



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No surprise here.


These guys really don't mind what Isis is doing because they are putting up resistance to Iran,Iraq,Syria and other shiites. For Isis, if you're a shiite you're automatically executed. For Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. they hate all of the Shiite governments in the region.


They don't really have any motivation to fight them, but they had motivation to fund and support them.

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