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Farmer and Pettine both fired. Official


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Ya'll are tripping.

Whatever brotha. The buck has to stop somewhere.


Who's next? Pettine 2.0


This team still plays their balls off despite sucking. The offense has exceeded expectations. Johnny has developed significantly compared to last year.


Sorry but you'll have another year of Pettine.

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Where's the talent?


And maybe you missed the part where I said fire O'Neil. (Since about week 2)


Let me ask you this-how does a team go from 9 sacks and 3 points allowed to getting embarrassed? The problem with what you're saying is that O'Neil is Pettine's hand picked crony, the guy HE chose to fulfill his "defense first mentality". Mike McCarthy took over play calling in GB cause he picked the wrong dude. Pettine despite having the reputation of a defensive "genius" looks an idiot on the sideline while we give up 30 points almost every week.

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The defensive secondary is impossible with Gaines out of position, makes

a fine play, then blows it again....


and good old spec teams ace Bademosi with another stupidass uncalled for penalty...

who is not tall enough to reach up and kick Flugels in the kneecap......


wr's do a cross route, and the Browns can't figure out which one they are supposed

to cover quick enough....


3rd and 2, and Manziel could easily have run for a first down...but throws an int....


receivers who can NOT get open often, except for Barnidge...and wr's who drop passes......


at least THAT isn'tt on the coaches. But running on first down became a problem again in\

the second half...a few drives....


and it didn't help that a cheapshot seabird flew in on defense and drove his shoulder straight

into Greco's knee...


and a head coach that can't figure out if he wants JM to STAY in the pocket, or RUN out of it

when he has no one to throw to....which is often.


Meanwhile, Gaines is so arrogant (what?), he decides to get aggressive and shove somebody...

and it's his own veteran teammate on the sidelines.

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I think he may get another year purely because of Flip, O'Connell and Manziel. If a new HC comes in its almost certainly another OC and QB coach for Johnny, his third in as many years, that cannot be a good thing.

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