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No, asshole "president"...YOU are not who WE are.


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Personally I think it was worse under Bush. The Democrats weren't called racist for blasting him.





It was worse. Bush didn't have the media circling their wagons around him.


Liberals calling for the murder of Bush, hanging Bush in effigy, a movie produced about the assassinating Bush...no big deal...but when a rodeo clown in Missouri wears an Obama mask, leftist fucks from the common low info garbage on the street to high ranking political figures are outraged and the clown is forced to undergo sensitivity training.

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but Bush ACTED like a PRESIDENT.


ya ever see him openly take the side of a criminal white person

involved with the police?


ever see him openly support a white professor who bitched about

being talked to by the police?


ever hear Bush openly support the plight of all poor white people?


ever see Bush love islam so much, he wants to openly bring them here,

with open immigration floodgates?


Of course you never did. The left hates anybody who won't give them free stuff.


and for all the antibush outrage over deaths in the middle east, and the screaming



they simply don't give a crap about us being there now.


and sadly, the media doesn't trumpet every soldier's death anymore, and

they quit posting the totals immediately after this dirtbag became president.


ever hear Bush criticize our Constitution? Ever hear or read of him running down

our America?


you sure as hell had obaMaO do every one of those things.


the list of "have you ever heard Bush (but you have heard obamao)" list

is a very long one. We can post many, many of them.


Go ahead, make our hay.

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sure, he is our president. but he sure as hell doesn't act like one.


therefore, it's a matter of irony, and I was being sarcastic, and I used the quotation marks correctly !



Words and Phrases
Quotation marks call attention to words and can even add irony or sarcasm.
In ancient writing, “leprosy” was used to indicate any sort of skin condition.
When Meredith threw the guests out, her reputation of being a “friendly” hostess took a hit.
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