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Your Science Fiction name

The Gipper

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You are from a planet in the Sysso Orimil system. (an example of this at work)


For your first name take the first three letters of your last name and add them to the first two letters of your first name.


Then for your last name, take the first three letters of your father's name and add them to the first three letters of the city in which you were born.


Caveat: insert an appropriate vowell if necessary to make things work.


Example from someone you know:


Schebo Glebar (Bo Schembechler) (I use him because I happen to know what town he was born in ...same as me...and who his father was....using his nickname rather than his give name to make it work)


Josh McDaniels could be related to me..and is an example of inserting an appropriate vowel (using Mac instead of McD:

Mcdajo Thobar


Mine is: Gipto Thobar (using variations of the same first name)


Now you try.

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