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Browns related Christmas gifts


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I absolutely did! I got a SWEET "tervis" cup. It's got beautiful markings on it and a big "Browns" logo on both sides. My wife said she got it for $10 online. I also got a badass Browns hoodie. It's the burnt orange one that has "Cleveland Browns" on the front and our helmet. $35!!! Not too easy to find, as the NFL likes to charge an arm and a leg for their stuff, but $35 for a hoodies is a good price I think.

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-One of the twins got me a small stuffed Browns' bear at one of those Secret Santa shops--it is on my desk in the ManCave.

- Lightweight Browns' gloves.

-An Otter Browns' case for my cell phone.

-Less than a month ago, for my birthday, I got a Salute to Service Browns' hoodie.



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