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A Christmas Story (I hope you don't mind)

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The Twin Exchange


Ed and Bob were twins. They were born in 1970. They grew more apart as they grew older and stayed in touch through different social media accounts but mostly talked on a phone believe it or not. Both of their kids' are grown and gone. They have very separate lives but as any luck would have it, along with the irony of being twins, they receive divorce papers on the same day.


Ed calls Bob and is astounded of the circumstance. Both felt like family even more and had agreed to spend time together. It was Christmas time and both were willing to spend a weekend in the big city and get a hotel room and meet for Christmas.



Ed loved to hunt. Any kind of game in the North American wilderness. Mostly deer hunting. He wanted to spend more time with Bob, and what a surprise it would be to Bob to receive a nice shotgun for Christmas! The gun so was nice, Ed was almost thinking of keeping it for himself, but it's Christmas. He bought the gift at Wal Mart.


Bob loved to golf. For Bob to spend time with Ed, the game of golf would be perfect for them to share time and get to know each other better! Bob buys a really nice set of clubs at a Wal Mart. "Gee these clubs would be nice to have" Bob thought.



Bob and Ed met at a hotel on Christmas night. They shared some bourbon and some stories of their recent misfortune of marriage. It's was uncanny of the circumstance but at least they had each other.


They give each other the gifts they bought. Both tried to act as if they were happy about the gifts and they were but ..."it just was a waste of time" both thought without saying.


The next morning Ed and Bob left the hotel in promise they would see each other soon. It was December 26th.


At a Wal Mart Bob brings in the shotgun to get a refund. He is in a long line and someone all too familiar sees him at the exact same time. It's Ed! He has the golf clubs. Both smile at each other. After talking both decide they don't like one another's hobbies.


And then the exchange happens....


Bob hands Ed the gun, and then Ed hands Bob the clubs. They both walk out of the store with what they wanted all along and with each other.


Merry Christmas!

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