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Neal Wolin

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Hooray! What better way to fix the financial disaster than annoint appoint the guy who created it?


Stuart Eizenstat, a deputy Treasury secretary under Bill Clinton, confirmed that as Treasury’s general counsel at the time, Wolin “provided the technical and legal drafting” for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.



And direct from the realm of from bad to worse:

Wolin — who was picked after several other candidates passed on the slot — did the legal work under then-Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who is now Obama’s head of the National Economic Council.







*Note to administration: Begin planning for next week's feigned outrage starting, now.

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my guess is they need him to do the cover up before everyone starts pointing fingers back at the democrats.


Wolin, knows where the loopholes are in the earlier de-regulation. If he gets approved our only hope is he will be able to fix the problem.


But then again would you hire Bud Carson back? :lol:



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