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I'm betting you thinks yours is important..


Me? I don't care much.. People that know me know my word and handshake are Gospel/Iron clad... I'm too old to care about a resume..


But I ran across Ted's resume.. And I got to thinking about the resume of the jackwad elected twice.. To be truthful, I was amongst the dumb asses that got sucked in the first time around in 08..


Ted's resume






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Cruz has always been my favorite. He is the most conservative and the liberal media would have gone after him a lot more by now if it were not for Donald Trump who has had almost all the focus and taken the heat from the media. This has helped Cruz more than anyone else in my opinion. Cruz was wise enough to keep from attacking Trump who has benefited from a large part of the republican base who are fed up with the republican establishment who make promises but don't deliver on any of them.


Cruz is surging at the right time. He is ahead now in Iowa and in second place to Trump nationally but is steadily climbing in the polls,

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