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When Politics Makes You a B****

MLD Woody

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Come on. Who tosses aside the school they went to just so they can say they're "rooting" for the politically expedient team...



If anyone on here was considering Fiorina, THIS should kill that.




(yes, this has probably been done in the past... but this happened recently.... no, it wasn't ok back then. No, it doesn't matter the political ideology of the candidate)

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I googled up young picutres of Fiorina cause I had it in my mind that at one point she was actually pretty hot. Not that she looked bad, but it kind of looks like she may have gotten a little better with age I dunno. THan there's some weird photo's where it looks like she went through some liberal lesbian phase. Did she have cancer or something? Was kind of jarring to see her bald or near bald.

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