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the browns putrid offense this year.....


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I wanted to do a game by game breakdown, because I've heard some in here say much of the season that the offense has actually been decent and not a main problem. In fact, the offense(in terms of actual useful production) has been pretty sucky.


Game 1 Jets- a complete clusterfuck on offense. Johnny hit one nice bomb, but our offense turned the ball over 4 times(!) and actually gave them more points than the putrid 10 we scored. Grade: D-


Game 2 Titans- we won, hit two big bombs, and scored 21 points on offense. Outside of the two big bombs the offense stalled, but Im going to give us a solid B here because the 21 points were high value and the context they were in. Grade: B


Game 3 Raiders- scored a pretty average 20 points but the offense was horrific for the entire first half which caused us to play catch up all game. Not a consistent offensive performance. Grade: C+(thats very generous really for this game)


Game 4 Chargers- scored 27 pts in a loss and moved the ball all game. Grade: B+


Game 5 Ravens: scored 33 pts in an OT win(30 in regulation) and Mccown played real well. Grade: A


Game 6 Broncos: scored 16 pts on offense in an OT game(so an extra possession) and what's worse our defense set offense up again and again and again inside broncos territory but we screwed up(with int or bad sack). We also gave up a td on a pick 6. This was a very poor offensive effort given game situations. Grade: D


Game 7 Rams: scored 6 pts. enough said. Grade: D.


Game 8 Cards: very inconsistent performance. 20 pts in the first half with a good offensive effort there and then a complete F in the second. I'm going to generously give it a C+(could be C- though with that second half abortion)


Game 9 bengals: scored 10 pts. Moved the ball a little in first half, none in second. Grade: D+


Game 10 Steelers: scored 9 pts. Moved the ball pretty well, but 9 pts is 9 pts. Grade: D+


Game 11 Ravens: another OT game. Offensive outpt was inconsistent, but they did score decent points in a loss. grade: B


Game 12 Benagls: 3 pts in a horrible offensive effort in every way. Grade F


Game 13: San Franciso- 24 useful points, ran the ball well. Grade: B+


Game 14 and 15: Seattle and Kansas City....I'm getting tired but we scored 13 pts in both...not good. Grade: one C- and one D+



note that I didn't adjust for opponent quality(if so the titans grade maybe goes down some and broncos grade goes up for example).


Also, I was pretty generous. But it comes to 1 A, 2 B+s, 2 Bs, 2 C+, 1 C-, 3 D+s, 2 Ds, 1 D-, and 1 F.....7 of the 15 grades were D+ or worse....


that's terrible.

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