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This Week in the AFC North


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The Great Zomboni tried to tell them.


From the beginning of the year he told Steeler fans: "You are not a playoff team. You are a kind of middling team. Some stars on offense but rest of roster is just plain mediocre overall."


And the nine times they did manage to win a game, they all came over here with the their truly lame attempts to mock TGZ.


Now, here we are at the end of the season, as The Steelers playoff hopes go down in flames, and one can only say ... "The Great Zomboni Really Does Know All!"


And let's not forget Zelda the Wonderdawg, who joined the TGZ team last week and pulled off the big deek .. actually picking them to win, to pull them in, knowing full well they would lose.


And not one Steeler fan to be seen this week.


Gotta love that dog, she's a keeper.


Baltimore at Cincinnati 1:00 PM

With the Steelers being eliminated today, the only news left in the AFC North this year is do the Bungles lose their one and only playoff game at home in the wild card round, or after a bye? The do their part this week and squeak by the Ratbirds unconvincingly BUNGLES 23 RATBIRDS 20


Pittsburgh at Cleveland 1:00 PM

Browns third stringer Austin davis will pick apart the Steelers shabby defense. ben will keep it close until they see the jets pulling away from the Bills on the scoreboard, and then they will just pack it. BROWNS 34 STEELERS 20




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Week 16 Results ... Prev .... This ..... YTD

Straight-up ........... 37-19 ..... 2-2 .... 39-21

Vs. the spread ..... 32-27-1 .. 1-3 .... 33-30-1

Week 17 - Double Daily Double Weekend!


Baltimore @ Cincinnati (-7.5)

Ravens had their moment last week...

Prediction: CIN 27 BLT 13


Pittsburgh @ Cleveland (+10.0)

Can't spell "AuDition" without AD... After disappointing me in his previous one, I think he gets it right this start. Only the wind prevents a 300-yd day...

But our depleted secondary prevents us from outpacing a potent Steeler attack.

Prediction: PTG 31 CLE 27

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