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The REAL College football playoffs

The Gipper

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Now, here is a link to the REAL college football playoffs. Pure college football. Not semipros getting paid big bucks under the table. Not HGH freaks out there playing.

(It would not allow me to reproduce the bracket)



Mount Union and Wisconsin-Whitewater had been matched in the Championship game like 5 years in a row. This time they were on the same side of the bracket, and Mt. Union took UWW out this time, then went on to beat St. Thomas MN.


Now, I personally would like to see the FBS division do a 16 team tournament like this....Of course, all the boohoohooing about taking the kids out of classes to play etc. etc. would come up.

But why is it OK to take D-III kids out of school for a 16 team playoff......real students....but not the semipros (some of whom obviously have gotten paid a lot to play football)?

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