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A Funny True Story For Ye

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I was standing next to a person training a cashier. The woman being trained was a ditzy blonde, big tits and a not so great attitude.


Our cash registers are touch screen and at first can be very challenging. She seemed to catch on rather quickly but would hit the wrong key sometimes and she began to get mad at herself.


The trainer said "now don't worry just take your time."


She hit another wrong key and the trainer says "oh I think you just fat fingered that one".


All three of us look at her hands at the same time and she had the fattest fingers I've ever seen on a female. Bratwurst hands. I walked away and several minutes later the trainer seen me in the back room and we both died laughing.

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Years ago, I had a hardware store & we had a very good cashier (also a friend) who also had HUGE boobs. One day, much to my delight & her dismay, I was "up front" when Rose turned quickly, hit the keys of the register with her boobs & the register opened. I lmao (followed by a smartass comment) & when her husband came in later, I told him to have Rose show him our new "hands free" register procedure. To this day, when I see her, she gets red faced & we both start laughing.

Thanks for reminding me.



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