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Dreams about the browns


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So i had a dream about the browns and draft day this is what happened.


Browns Take a Linebacker pick 2 overall


Bosa falls to mid round 10~15,


Jared Goff is taken pick 4 and is the only QB selected in the first round.


Matt Patricia is head coach.


ESPN is Surprised at our pick and suggest we "over valued" analytics of the player in question.I tried very hard to remember as much as i could lol.


Big debate as to which qb the browns take at the top of round 2


So what do you think? Nightmare or Good Dream?

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On a serious note, anyone we pick, if it's not Bosa, some people will be pissed and 'blame' it on analytics. Like the browns drafted Goff/Lynch/Tunsil/Ramsay because the analytics told them to. If we then don't win the superbowl or at least get to the playoffs in a year's time everyone will be blaming it on analytics.

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