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In order

QB - We aint going anywhere until we get a fixture here.

DE - We cant stop the run or rush the passer.

OLB - Read above

FS - Gips probably out, in which case tis position should probably be higher.

WR - Should we just gamble on Gordon?

ILB - Nobody is afraid of our guys, but theyre solid.

CB - Lets hope Haden returns to form and Tramon has another year in him. Ifo could provide a spark here.

HB - Crowell and Duke looked good at times, either we draft a game changer or stand pat.

SS - Whitner looks slow out there

FB - Depends on the coach, we havent had a decent player here since Vickers.

TE - Was Barnidge the real deal or the beneficiary of a lack of options?

DT - Shelton needs to get better

OT - This goes up if Schwartz walks.

C - Our first round pick will get a chance here.

K - We need a stronger leg

P - Whoa, a postion were finally set at!

OG - Bito and Greco form a solid duo here, but Joel may move outside if Schwartz leaves.


There is no easy fix for this roster. We also cannot afford to lose a perennial pro bowler (Thomas) for a draft pick.

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let's wait and see what coordinators we get and what they run. I still think front 7 no matter what has to be addressed. Worst front 7 in football imo.

Not in mine. Worst coached perhaps....not the worst talent. Good coaching makes them a lot better.....more on par with their talent level.

Is that level great? No. Can it use help? Sure. But it is by no means the worst talent.


So....to answer your question, this team's biggest need is: Quality coaching and quality player evaluation. Those have been the biggest deficiencies.

Some of these player are or will be good I believe in the right hands.

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I agree that technically QB is our greatest need, but we can't draft one every year or every other year in hopes that this one is the one. Goff and Lynch are not the guys we can take a high pick on, i'm sorry they're not. These are guys that "more than likely", we will have to draft or sign their replacements in a few years. We do this constantly while passing up on talent that brings other talent to the team. Perhaps that QB is on someone else's roster right now but why would they want to sign with Clev? Who would they be throwing to? So signing/drafting stud WR's is just as important.


But look we have the worst defense in the NFL. Has been hovering in the toilet for a couple years to so i'm not buying that it was just coaching. Yeah maybe some players would fit better in other schemes, but imo all them together don't gel well. So you clean house and rebuild the defense around a few key guys that we can say are still young or youngish. Like we don't keep Kruger or Dansby because those guys aren't young and cost a lot. They just don't work here, and by the time if/when this defense comes around...they'll be way too old. So we have to start over with the defense and we have to draft "TALENT". Cleveland isn't going to be an offensive powerhouse anytime soon no mtter what, so we have to make the defense serviceable.

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We obviously need a QB, but I think we've shown that WR is pretty important, and hopefully our new brain trust feels the same way. Gordon is a gamble, but I somehow feel like he's ready. Why, I don't know. Perhaps because if he WAS going to screw up, he would've done it by now (like Blackmon?) I realize it's a silly train of thought, but whatever.


As I've said repeatedly, we need a WR that can go up and grab the ball, especially in the red zone. Even if we have Gordon, he never really displayed that type of ball adjustment reception, but I could be mistaken. This is one reason I love Laquon Treadwell, but picking him at #2 is too rich. However, as we mentioned before, players rise and fall this time of year, so maybe he runs an absurd 40 time and shoots up the board.


We absolutely need pass rushers, and that's very difficult to get in free agency. I wouldn't mind taking a stab at someone like Pierre Paul, but doubtful we go that route. He probably doesn't score well using analytics, and pass rushers always command a premium price tag. Another reason taking Bosa at #2 makes sense.


Kicker - We love Coons' accuracy, but he obviously has trajectory issues, and there was a reason our coaches didn't trust him in longer kicks. In the NFL, you must have a kicker that can boot the long ones...especially when you have red zone issues and scoring problems like we do. I know I'm an FSU diehard fan, but our kicker is a supreme badass. Not sure if he's going pro or what year he is, but I know he's the best kicker in the country. He had a mental lapse this year and missed a few, but that doesn't concern me. He's as solid as there is. Oh, and he kicks the ball HIGH.


Anyways, I could go on, but there's no point. We obviously have a talent deprived roster, and our new GM has his work cut out for him.

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I agree that technically QB is our greatest need, but we can't draft one every year or every other year in hopes that this one is the one. Goff and Lynch are not the guys we can take a high pick on, i'm sorry they're not.

Don't look now, but your Bosa-boner is showing...



(I saw these guys live once... great show.)


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Assuming Manziel is gone, the top three picks should be a combination of QB, OLB and DE. These are the building blocks of every good football team in order IMO and we have little to no talent at any of those positions. From there, a big body WR prospect (Doctson for example) and ILB (Scooby Wright) would be on the pecking order.


My dream "early round" draft as of today:



Jaylon Smith/Darron Lee/Leonard Floyd

Scooby Wright

WR Prospect (not versed enough to know who would be here)

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CleveFan4Life is correct. We have so many needs in a year where QBs in the draft are risks. Fill the needs and draft a QB in the second or third. I still think we could trade for McCarron or Osweiler.

I feel better about this now that Jackson has been hired. He worked with Palmer, Dalton and McCarron.

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