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Horton, Pep & Tabor presser live


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Haslam promises Browns fans “significant improvements”






But he also promised us "new, cutting edge uniforms" and instead we got ones designed by Mrs, Watson's 4th grade class....... so I'll just keep using the talk is cheap strategy and wait until they prove it on the field.

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"Horton wants Danny Shelton to not have to come off the field."


So is he going through a strength and conditioning program right now? Otherwise they have started too late. Same for Erving.

Heard an interview with Shelton yesterday where he is hitting the weights and actually dieting to get smaller. Talked about getting gassed last year at 340lbs.

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Marketing 101. Sounds like a reason to raise ticket prices again.

Actually just read somewhere they're staying the same for 7th out of last 8 years...



On the Pressers...

  • Tabor seems to have a fire burning just under the surface.
  • Pep needs to live up to his name at least a little...


  • Horton's I've yet to watch...
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