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Westside Steve

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not one word about the divisivness and cultish/mindless approval

of obamao...


consider the source and fergit it.


as a white man I haven't felt a single ounce of divisiveness from him. Care to expound to me why I should feel like he has? I'm not a huge fan of his nor am I major detractor. Just wondering what all this butthurt is about.

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No? So you think race relations have gotten better over the last 8 years. Or?


no but I don't think it has anything to do with Obama. Look some cops did some shit they weren't supposed to, some other cops were on video doing shit they were supposed to but it looked bad. After some of these other videos cops stopped getting the benefit of the doubt. It isn't Obama that sensationalizes every single incident is it? Who puts up the flashy graphics and trys desperately to shit start every single incident cause it's good ratings?


The liberal media is responsible almost in full for the reduction of race relations in this country. They are victims of their own business model that is bleating shit out there before you know exactly what the fuck happened cause your network HAS to be seen as "getting the scoop".


You better damn well believe that emperor 4life would socialize cable news in a jackskip. The days of poisoning people's minds with this stupid shit would come to an end.

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as a white man I haven't felt a single ounce of divisiveness from him. Emoting, Not Thinking



oh, Cleve, you stepped in it that time.




Gallup: Barack Obama the Most Divisive President in History


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    Obama Scolded for 'Divisive' Speech on Racism to Blacks

    President Barack Obama has come under fire for preaching "divisiveness" to black leaders at a swanky awards dinner by saying that America is basically a racist society.

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