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Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump


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Huckabee also expected to soon as his daughter has joined Trump's campaign.


Pretty huge IMO, it was expected Trump wouldn't get these kinds of endorsements. He also grabbed two congressman I think

That does surprise me! And makes me worry less about a Trump presidency if there is one.


Don't wait until the bandwagon tickets are sold out! :)


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What’s Behind Christie Backing Trump?
"But a bigger factor might be Christie’s need for a job after he leaves office in 2017. Being term limited, he certainly wouldn’t mind being considered for attorney general in a Trump White House. And if John Kasich doesn’t pan out, he could easily now move to the top of Trump’s vice presidential short list."

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/431995/new-jersey-governor-goes-trump

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Same reason why anybody endorses anybody. You hop on the guy who's going to win - when Romney became the clear leader everybody hopped on him too.


National Review is entirely biased anti-Trump and has gotten destroyed because of it though, no reason to read their nonsense.




I hope Christie isn't the VP choice, though. Too anti-marijuana among other things.


Kasich would be a good choice politically, but I'm also not a fan.

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Christie was one of those guys I liked initially but found out quickly that Chris Christie is always looking out for himself. At the RNC in 12 romney gave him a choice speaking spot (presumably so he could go on the offensive against Obama) and Christie used his time basically promoting himself. I don't care too much if he hugged Obama after Hurricane Sandy but those photo ops hurt Romney when the election was 1 week later. And then Obama rewarded Christie by putting him in touch with Christie's biggest rock star idol Bruce Springsteen and let Christie have a chat with his idol. Not a fan of Christie's and I think he would like either the veep spot or AG in a Trump admin.

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