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Camp Kevin Hogan !


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The more I think about it... Kevin Hogan could end up being the best qb in this class,

at least, the fastest to be the best. "Only" runs 4.86?


The questions will be answered at the combine, about his new quick release, which

would probably spike his accuracy, and his agility and arm strength.


But, it could be, that the Browns could hope he's there at their #32, and save that

2nd overall...


Just have to hope he doesn't get drafted by somebody who just traded to 31 and nabbed

Hogan. Then the Browns would miss out on the top two, and Hogan... and whoever else

got drafted in the first round.


But Hogan will surprise people at the combine.








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haven't seen it, but apparently his new work on a short release

has given him trouble adapting. Bad timing, eh?


Maybe he'll do well on his pro day. or not.

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