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So, several states, especially liberal states... have laws regulating... pepper spray


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gee... "common sense" pepper spray control? Say, when was it that some liberal had the excuse

that some nutjobs went into a school, office, etc.... and murdered several people with pepper spray?


Nope. But the liberals still get their big, stupid noses in other peoples' business, as always.


If it isn't guns, it's knives, or pepper spray. If not that, it's suv gas mileage, if not that, it's

CO2. If not that, it's politically incorrect speech. If not that, it's blaming the police for any shooting

of any black person, even if that person had what looks like a gun and was waving it around,

or a thug who attacked a policeman, etc. If it isn't that, they want smart meters on your house,

and regulating your electrical usage, and your furnace temp setting... if not that, it's controlling

the education, especially morally and social justice wise... of children not theirs. If not that,

they want to control your money. You have it, it isn't fair, and they want it for "just causes"...

If not that, they want to control elections by adding thousands/millions of illegals dependent

on the gov for survival.. and giving them id's so they can "vote"...


or, a combination of the above.


if not that... it's always something stupid thing. They will just never admit what they are doing.




it gets worse:



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