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Camp Darron Lee - second round


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I know I keep wanting a wr in the second round. But, Darron Lee lit it up at the combine. Probably

won't make it to the Browns in the second.


But what if he did. What if, if the Vikings at 23, wanted their choice of OG and could easily trade

down with the Browns...


whichever... could you pass up Darron Lee?


Just thinkin....


Look at the numbers... of a prototype linebacker from years ago:


40 yard dash - 4.58 seconds
225 bench Press - 34 times
Vertical leap - 38.5 inches
and... Darron Lee
40 yard dash - 4.43
Vertical leap - 35 inches
Broad jump - 11' 1"
bench press 17, was it?
The "prototype linebacker" is... the ratbirds' ILB Ray Lewis.
Interesting..... eh?
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D. Lee won't get past 1st round now. but damn Jaylon Smith will be a bitch to pass on with now needs. here we go again.. Expre have nerve damage? & was he supposes to show us his progress?

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Jalyn's knee got bad reviews at the combine this weekend, apparently, Gumby.

Still worth a third IMO.


Even if he sat for two years, he has the potential of being a perennial Pro Bowl LB. I would take a gamble on that potential any day of the week, and I think every GM feels the same way...it's just a matter of which GM has the biggest satchel.

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Given we have three comp picks, maybe... but to put a 3rd on the shelf for 3 years? Dunno... much bigger reach than a 7th for a year.

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