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free school

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Ok, free public universities. Sounds good right?


Today people with college degrees are having a hard time finding work or having to settle for jobs that barely require a high school diploma.


Since it doesn't seem we are creating a massive amount of jobs that require an art history or theater degree ;) we will now just have more people with degrees battling for jobs with low skill requirements.


(and pissed off about it)



Second, high school is free now how's that working out? What makes us think that four more years of public education will be any more productive?



Third, and here's the kicker, public universities are run by people with doctoral degrees in education administration etc. Almost all the professors and teachers have advanced degrees in their subjects.


My alma mater, the University of Akron, is almost taking over the city with 84 buildings and 1600 teachers.


How do you suppose we pay for that? Do you suppose we should short change those professors? Close down some facilities? Should sub mediocre students be booted unless they carry a B average? Do good engineering programs get the same attention as African Studies? Philosophy?



Number 4 paying off student loans?


Should someone be allowed to take out a loan for a Steinway nine foot grand and once they find out they are not any good default on the loan?

Or why shouldn't someone who gets 100 + $100,000 a year job pay off a loan equivalent to a nice car?


And while we are at it who pays for the dorm room, the apartment, the food, beer money, day care for the illegitimate children of the students?



Aside from that lets pretend we really need more stem graduates. I would guess that those who would succeed in one of those programs are probably some of the smartest students in America and would be expected to have successful careers.


I would also doubt that particular group isn't restrained by financial issues and should easily pay off a student loan even in the rare case that grants aren't in place.



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Free College up to and including a Masters Degree if qualified. Free Medical care. Legalize all drugs. Issue condoms starting at 5th grade. $15.00 an hour minimum wage. Guaranteed employment or government assistance. Unlimited open borders with no vetting, we are a nation of immigrants after all. Mandatory Muslim awareness classes staring in 1st grade. Churches will no longer be tax exempt, with the exception of Mosques and Muslim charities as a showing of good faith to ISIS and other extremist groups so they will no longer be prosecuted by western influence and will stop attacking us. Sharia law allowed where Islam is the majority population, with no police interference.

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